CHI Al Shaqab - The perfect arena setup

Last week we had the pleasure to join In2strides and Starck Enterprises at the CHI Al Shaqab event in Doha. This is the second year they are using our software at this five star event in dressage and jumping.

Al Shaqab is an amazing venue with its arena built only for the equestrian sport.

To setup a show in an arena is always different. Most of the times there's a lot prepared, which will make the setup a lot easier. You should only need a small amount of equipment to handle results and graphics in such a place. In this blog post we will walk you through Al Shaqab and show you all the different places where Equipe is being used, and how the setup is done.

In the show office the riders make their declaration at the iPads. There are also two TVs showing our info screens from both the jumping and the dressage.

All around the arena you can find TVs with our info screens. One for dressage and one for jumping. The signal to them are being distributed from two Raspberry Pi's running Chromium.

In the riders lounge, one TV is also displaying the video signal with a graphic overlay from Equipe.

Also at the warmup arena there is a LED screen with start and results list.

TV graphics are being controlled by Adam inside the judge's box, and then sent to the OB van through a fiber connection. Most of the equipment in the picture belongs to the TV production, only a Macbook with an external Decklink card is needed to produce the graphics.
The graphics can also simultaneous be controlled by multiple operators, handling different parts.

Using the vMix software, the graphics from Equipe is put as an overlay on the video signal for the big screen. Only a laptop with an external SDI card is being used for this.

Moving on to the dressage, all marks are entered on Macbook Airs at the judge's positions.

To supply the judges positions with power and network, it's just to open the hatch in the wall. Makes Tobias work easy!

Down at the arena, small LED displays are showing the open scoring, with running marks of each rider. The signal is sent from a laptop running Chrome.

The big LED screen is displaying full screen graphics at the dressage arena.

Up in the speaker box, all marks are being checked. The system is reading the marks which make the control very quick and simple.

And that's it! No more equipment is needed to run an arena show like this. CHI Al Shaqab is really an amazing event, and we hope you enjoyed this walkthrough.

Fredrik Starck

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