MET Oliva

Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in Oliva, Spain, is the world's largest equestrian organizer. Last year they decided to go with Equipe as their full service solution for timekeeping, results, declaration, economy, big screen graphics and livestream graphics.

They are currently running their second spring show, MET II, and we would like to present the setup being used to take full advantage of our system.

Each week of the show, a lot of horses will make their starts in one of the three arenas.

The riders declare their starts on iPads in the show office.

At each warmup arena there's a TV displaying our info screen.

This is the view displayed at the warmup monitors. This one is also used for the screens in the jury box.

Each arena have a LED screen with motion picture and graphic overlay from Equipe.

Livestream is available from all three arenas, also with graphics generated from Equipe.

In the restaurants and the show office you can follow the results on TV monitors.

The TV-monitors will keep everyone up to date with the results from each arena simultaneously.

Timekeeping is managed by in2strides, using the brand new ATU-X timekeeping sets, directly integrated with Equipe.

It's hard to miss where to find the results. Even at the toilets, there are notes about the Equipe app.

In the show office, the riders and grooms will order shavings, straw, carrots and much more. All of it is put into the system and then paid in the accounting office before departure.

This is a show that really takes full advantage of all parts of the system, and because of this they have heavily reduced the amount of administrative work.

Great to have you on board, MET!

Fredrik Starck

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